Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top 10 Plays of the 2008 Finals - Celtics vs Lakers

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Paul Pierce MVP Top Ten Plays

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA 2008 Playoff Champion : Boston Celtics

What a fairytale ending for the NBA and Paul Pierce. From being the worst team last season to winning the NBA title today, so much changes had happened for the Celtics.

From the addition of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and some good role players who had done the job b4( Posey), huge amount of pressure were already on them to win the league.

Although the regular season was rather smooth-sailing, the Celtics hit their first rock right at the start of the playoff : Atalanta Hawks. The Hawks against all odds pushed Celtics all the way to 7 games. Losing all Road games.

Next was came King James and Cavaliers, they too pushed Boston all the way to 7 games. Critics began to suspect Celtics's stamina to withstand the intensity of the Playoff and they had the right to do so. All 3 star players were already in their 30's.

Pistons were their next opponent. This time, Celtics found their confidence back and managed to win 2 road games and finished the series in 6 games.

Lakers were the last team standing from the West. Lakers were surprisingly the favourites for the series. They were rejuvenated and had been playing some classy basketball throughout the Playoff. And most important of all, they had plenty of rest throughout.

Celtics wrapped Game 1 and 2. Home court goes back to Los Angelas and Lakers won Game 4. Game 5 was a major turning stone for Celtics and symbolises what Celtics had been doing for the whole season: They simply don't give up. Trailing as much as 24 points in the 3rd quarter, the Celtics drives, hustles and shoot their way to a near impossible victory.

Game 6 was shifted back to the Boston Garden. KG, Ray and Pierce knew the balance had shifted to their side and their chance for that coveted ring is almost within their touch. And they came blazing right from the 1st min. However, Kobe wasn't gonna let the Celtics run riot all the Lakers and he himself scored 11 points in the first 7 mins. But Lakers quickly went out of the picture as early as end of 2 quarter. Celtics playing excellent team defense and Rando came up with plenty of steals himself. No long after, the Celtics were already up by 30+ points and the rest is indeed history.....

Top plays :

KG hangs and banks

KG's 26 points

KG pawned Pau Gasol

Rondo had a excellent game

Game Highlights :

Boston Celtics 131 - 92 LA Lakers

MVP & Trophy presentation:

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Ashanti 'National Anthem' Game 5 of the NBA Finals

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[ Game 5] Celtics 98 - 103 Lakers

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Kobe Strips Pierce for the dunk!

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Kobe Bryant scores 25 pt to force Game 6

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